Sunday, 14 December 2008

Music I play IV - Verdiales

Verdiales are a Flamenco music style, and song form belonging to Canté Chico (Light hearted and less serious music form).
Originating in Los Verdiales, an olive-growing area in the province of Málaga, where a kind of olive known as verdial is grown. It is a fandango that could be fitted within the category of the malagueñas sometimes known as Fandangos de Málaga.
With Moorish origins, it is a cante that can be danced to, and it clearly maintains its own folk roots.
The Compás of this Verdiales is 3/4.
Metronome setting is Allegro.
= 168


Anonymous said...

ya sidi ana !

Anonymous said...

لقد استمعت اخيرا للمقطوعة

أحسست أنك تعزفها بأناملك ولكن احساسك وعقلك في اتجاه تاني خالص
وهناك جزئية بدت لي كجزء من عزف فريد الأطرش
لست أدري فعلاقتي بالموسيقى ضعيفة بعض الشئ
في جميع الاحوال الآلات الوترية جميلة وصوت الجيتار يرقق المشاعر


L.G. said...

مبتكتبش ليه ؟؟
اكتب ايام في الغربة
التعليق السابق بتاعي بس احيانا بكسل اكتب الايميل وكلمة المرور

Gypo said...

My problem is that I only post when I'm feeling good as I'm the type of person who throws himself deeper in work when I'm depressed, will post soon but it's the time that takes youtube to load is what annoys me, not the recorded material.
Thanks L.G.

Mohaly said...

Bravo ..

missing u gypo