Sunday, 15 March 2009

Music I play V - Alegrías en Mi (Alborozo)

Alegrías are joyful toques (Alegría means joy or gaiety), light and carefree in spirit. They can express great intensity of feeling, tinged at times with melancholy, but the mood is mostly optimistic and high-spirited.

Alegrías belong to the larger family of toques (guitar playing) called Cantiñas. They originated from the sea-port of Cádiz and probably came into being by the flamenco adaptation of the lively Jotas sung by sailors from Aragon. The melodies of the Jotas were put to the compas of soleares and used for festive dances. Unlike Soleares and Seguiriyas, which are in the Phrygian mode, Alegrías are in the major key, a difference which contributes to their happier and more tuneful aire.

Metronome setting for this Alegría is Allegro
= 160

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Sorry for that. I have accidentally changed the AVI settings before posting the video.
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