Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Why did I start this blog?

Simply because it represents my life. Unfinished business, places that I never visited, dreams that I never worked hard enough to make them come true, postponed plans, and the lack of will power to finish what I started. (refer to "about me").


Mohaly said...

and why aren't u doing it ya Gypo?

Gypo said...

Simply because I have a small problem or fault. I always was a perfectionist. I never finished anything because I was never satisfied with my performance, never satisfied with the outcome although I frequently realise that it was more than others expect. But this is me and I cannot change easily.
In fact I started a change in my life already, I started doing a few things that I always wanted to do, and hopefully I don't quit this time.
Thanks for still checking my blog ya Mohaly.
Aah, one of the things I started doing is reading blogs again, and maybe write something every now and then here in mine.

L.G. said...

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